Skyrim Unbound: Alternate Start Mod

Basic overview of the Alternate Start Mod:

The ‘Skyrim Unbound: Alternate Start Mod’ is a very extensive and in-depth mod that allows for many different things in your Skyrim game. Once you start up your Skyrim game, you will notice that the start-up menu is the same but instead you will be taken to this mod’s menu. From there you can toggle the general settings and adjust the mod slightly.

How to use the Alternate Start Mod:

There are many ways to use this mod. Probably the most notable thing is adds is the customization options into Skyrim. You can choose several types of player, and even create your character before you actually start your game.

Alternate Start Mod Video Showcase:

Key Features of the Alternate Start Mod:

  •  With this mod installed, you can pick and choose several paths. Each of which will change your spawn location and game start. The likes of ‘Traveler, Vagrant, Explorer and Villain’ all feature.
  • These locations are mainly for role-playing purposes only.
  • You can choose your starting spells, and even completely customize your character before you even launch into Skyrim.
  • The general settings allows you to enable or disable scripted dragon events, word walls, and dragon soul absorption.


Here you can see a screenshot of the mods main menu. This will load upon launching your Skyrim game, and is where you are going to be making most of customization and changes.

How to Install the Alternate Start Mod:

  •  First of all, you need to download the files for the Alternate Start Mod.
  • Next, extract them to an accessible location such as your Desktop with WinRar.
  • Next, go to the ‘Data’ folder that can be found inside your Skyrim directory.
  • Open your Skyrim launcher and make sure the box next to your chosen mod is checked!

Download the Alternate Start Mod